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Jack Thompson
Jack Thompson

Valorant Bootstrap Packaged Game Fix - Not Open...

Hi, when i try to launch Valorant it doesnt open and instead something else called Bootstrappackagedgame pops up in task manager and it wont close it just creates a new one if i try to launch the game again ) :

Valorant Bootstrap Packaged Game Fix - Not Open...


The issue with the Bootstrap packed game is caused by missing or damaged files, as well as a lack of authorization. Furthermore, anti-virus software on your computer may cause Bootstrap packed game issues when you run any exe file. Do you have trouble starting Valorant? Do you get Bootstrap packed game errors when you try to run valorant? When we attempted to launch Valorant on PC, nothing happened. In this article we will show you how to Fix Bootstrap Packaged Game in Valorant. 041b061a72


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