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Naruto Shippuden Episode 16


Naruto Shippuden Episode 16

The episodes for the sixteenth season of the anime series Naruto: Shippuden are based on Part II for Masashi Kishimoto's manga series. The anime original season follows Kakashi Hatake spending years as a member of the ANBU Black Ops. The episodes are directed by Hayato Date, and produced by Pierrot and TV Tokyo.[1] The season aired from February to May 2014.[2]

The first moment of emotional significance in the Naruto franchise arrived in the opening episode and helped draw viewers in by promising depth in addition to the exciting ninja action and flashy moves.

soo I'm like completely new to wikia. I created this accountjust for another :D I watched the show and fell completely in lovewith it and some of the people in it :O it's my #1 thriller/horroranime and definitely goes in my top 5 best anime ever !!haven't felt such a strong connection to some of the people beforeespecially in such a short time span. just 12 episodes and I can'ttake my mind off of it for the past month or so. I've watched like120 episodes of naruto but I didn't really care for any of it so Istopped like 3 years ago. same goes for one piece... also thisanime has like the most heart ripping scene I've seen in a longtime ! you know which I mean right ;) poor izumi...soundeserved...

Yes, pretty annoying right yup, that words are in my brainswhen i'm founding this anime, silly isn't it I watch Another justbecause i'm currious about the tittle, and voila! i really watchedit, and the anime opens with a "Misaki" urban legend, and wow, thaturban legend make's me more currious about this anime. And then iwatch the opening... and so many creepy dolls in there make's methink: "Darn, this is a horror anime....So maybe another is aboutdead people lived again, have another live(oh yeah my mind wasright after i watch the whole episode XD)

This anime series was recommended for me by a friend who lovesthis anime. He told me what is kind of horror and that I will loveit. I wasn't impressed and decided not to watch it. But, someday,when I was totally bored and with nothing to do, sitting on mycomputer and doing nothing, I decided to start watch it. Then Icouldn't take my eyes away from it. In 2-3 days I watched all theaired episodes. I was fully impressed and now I love this anime. Idon't want it to end after 12 episodes. It's too short! I stillbelieve in a season 2, even if I know it's not possible. The hopedies last! I can't wait for the new episode ( and the pre-finalone :( ) to air tuesday. 59ce067264


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