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Windows 10 Bluetooth Pairing Without Passkey

You do not need to configure a passkey when pairing a mouse to a computer. However, you must always configure a passkey when pairing a keyboard or number pad to a computer. The way that you specify a passkey depends on the Bluetooth program on your computer. If your Bluetooth program gives you a choice about how to create the passkey, let the program create one for you rather than creating your own or not using a passkey. When you type the passkey, you will not see feedback on the screen. After typing the passkey, you must press Enter on the keyboard or number pad to complete the pairing.

windows 10 bluetooth pairing without passkey


I have a Bluetooth media remote with pause/play, skip forward/skip backwards, vol up/down buttons. It has no other buttons. And Microsoft Bluetooth stack requires a passcode, which I physically cannot enter. I've tried Bluesoleil and Toshiba stacks, they require passcode as well. I have not found a way to skip the pass with either of these 3 stacks. The only one I can't try is Broadcom, I don't have their USB bluetooth dongle and their stack only works with their chipsets, it seems. Does Widcomm allow connecting a BT keyboard without entering a passkey?

How does one pair to a headless UWP app without the UI to retrieve a pin? I could live with the UWP app having a hardcoded pin instead of a random pin for each pairing attempt but I'm not sure if the is possible or not?

I bought the 3m headset off ebay online and the original passkey code was not with it. How do i pair the headset without the code and is there a chance that the want help without downloading certain things

If bluetooth.service started successfully, but there is chance that you still cannot use Bluetooth normally (e.g. bluetoothctl says something like org.Bluez.Error.NotReady when you scan on). If this happens, try rebooting your computer, and double-check: whether directory /sys/class/bluetooth exists; whether lsmod includes correct Bluetooth modules; log messages in the journal; etc. systemd-udev should pickup your Bluetooth hardware automatically without manual changes again.

I am trying to connect to a bluetooth device without asking a user to specify the PIN. I've got a solution that sort of works, but the dialog still appears (just for a second though, then it disappears again and successfully connects to the BT device). This is not a viable solution for us. We need to completely suppress this dialog.

2. Follow the pairing instructions for your cell phone or other Bluetooth device. If prompted for a passkey, enter 0000 (four zeros). Note: Do not be alarmed if your phone does not prompt you for a passkey, because many phones do not.

In the video try the first option suggested : Press windows key and R together, in the prompt box type "devicepairingwizard" turn on your device bluetooth, discover your device and click next, then click on the link below the box to see the code, enter the code on your keyboard. That should fix everything.

The next dialog shows the pairing options. When you are sure the device doesn't require a PIN code, select the 'Pair without using a code option'. In practice, most devices require a simple PIN code like '0000' or '1234'.


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