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Life, Death, Love, and Compassion in Open The Window Eyes Closed

When the movie, Rear Window, was released in 1954, it was the first in a new film genre: the mystery thriller. In this genre, the protagonist isn't the main character: the act of watching the adventure from a window and without leaving the location creates intrigue. Often the viewer isn't even given a clue to the character's identity. The second ingredient in the genre is the box (a mise-en-scene). Take the real-life Rear Window, for example. Its simple. The only possible camera placement is on the apartment window, and the only possible protagonist is Jane, so that the story unfolded through the window is more than obvious. But the real-life Jane was unaware that she was being watched, at least until the police impounded the camera in her bedroom window.

Open The Window Eyes Closed Pdf

The film was a box-office hit and an Academy Award winner. Part of its success was due to the script, written by journalist Cornell Woolrich, which made use of the limitations of cinema. Woolrich used a window to tell a story. And he made sure the box around the story was placed strategically so that the camera could be hidden. Except, there wasn't a camera. Its true story, based on Woolrich's original novel of the same name. According to Woolrich, the idea came when he was sitting on the porch of his mother-in-law's apartment in Greenwich, Connecticut, watching the leaves on the trees. He opened his pocket watch and saw it was 2 am, the time of day when most people are asleep.

Until Windows 8 is released to manufacturing for the RT and for the phones, the questions on the table are: Can the Metro design for the mobile version of Windows 8 be made to work with a traditional desktop environment? Can the device makers actually integrate Metro interface and desktop in one device, and not have a stark divide in appearance and functionality (between the phone and the desktop)?


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