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Radar Contact: The Ultimate ATC Solution for Flight Simulator

If you are a flight simulator enthusiast, you probably know how important it is to have a realistic and immersive air traffic control (ATC) experience. Unfortunately, the default ATC in most flight simulators is far from satisfactory. It is often buggy, unrealistic, and limited in features and options.


That's why many simmers have turned to Radar Contact, a third-party ATC program that has been developed by JDTLLC, a company founded by a programmer and an air traffic controller. Radar Contact has been praised as the best FS ATC program available for many years, offering a level of realism and functionality that surpasses any other ATC add-on.

What is Radar Contact?

Radar Contact is a standalone program that runs alongside your flight simulator and replaces the default ATC. It communicates with your simulator via FSUIPC, a software interface that allows external programs to interact with FS.

Radar Contact provides you with realistic ATC services, such as clearance delivery, ground control, tower, departure, enroute, approach, and center. It also features realistic voice sets, phraseology, procedures, and weather information. You can customize many aspects of Radar Contact, such as the voice sets, the ATC speed, the runway selection, the transition altitude, and more.

Radar Contact also integrates with other popular add-ons, such as Active Sky, FS Flight Keeper, FS Commander, and FSNavigator. It can read your flight plan from these programs and provide you with accurate ATC guidance based on your route.

How to Get Radar Contact?

Radar Contact was originally a commercial product that cost $40. However, in 2019, the developers decided to give it away for free and step away from the business of supporting it. They also shut down their website, email, storage providers, and e-commerce partner.

This means that you can download Radar Contact 4.3 at no charge from this link. You will also need to download the Key Generator from here, as JDTLLC no longer generates keys for activation. You can use any name and email address to generate a key for yourself.

Radar Contact will be supported here on the AVSIM forum, where you can find installation instructions, user manuals, tutorials, FAQs, and troubleshooting tips. You can also contact John and Doug at if you need any assistance.

Why Use Radar Contact?

Radar Contact is a must-have for any serious flight simulator pilot who wants to enjoy a realistic and challenging ATC experience. Here are some of the benefits of using Radar Contact:

  • It provides you with realistic ATC services that follow real-world procedures and regulations.

  • It uses high-quality voice sets that sound natural and clear.

  • It adapts to your flight plan and weather conditions and gives you appropriate instructions and vectors.

  • It allows you to request different services, such as altitude changes, direct routes, holding patterns, missed approaches, emergencies, and more.

  • It integrates with other add-ons and enhances your overall flight simulation experience.


Radar Contact is a remarkable ATC program that has been serving the flight simulator community for over two decades. It is now available for free and can be downloaded from this link. If you are looking for a realistic and immersive ATC experience for your flight simulator, you should definitely give Radar Contact a try. 6c859133af


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