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Honda Cbr 600 F4i Fairing Removal


Honda Cbr 600 F4i Fairing Removal

We have tested several LED's for brightness and believe to have found the best available. Send the gauges to us and be sure you have the brightest LED's around. You probably won't find equal LED's without a huge minimum purchase. Military quality soldering. No risk of damaging your gauge cluster. Your choice of colors. Colors can be combined for different effects. How to remove your F4i cluster: Remove the mirrors and headlight fairing. Mirrors: (PHOTO) 4 Allen head screws (2 on each mirror) NOTE: It is not necessary to remove windscreen. Headlight Fairing: (PHOTO) 8 Allen head screws to remove the headlight fairing: (3 on each side of bike near turn signals and 1 on each side of the gauges.) 2 plastic clips from underside near forks. (PHOTO) After it is partially off, disconnect 1 large wiring harness connector to remove the front fairing from the bike. Remove the 3 Phillips-head screws from the back side of the gauges. NOTE: Do not attempt to unscrew the bolt on the front of the gauges. It is for cosmetic purposes only. It does not come apart. (PHOTO) Pull the whole cluster forward out of the shock mounts. (towards you assuming you are sitting on the bike) Depress the tabs on the two wiring harness connectors from the backside of the gauges and disconnect wiring from the bike to the gauges to complete disassembly. Note: I have not tested this, but I have heard that the F4i will not start when the gauges are disconnected. Shipping Info Note: This is a service, you must package and ship the gauge cluster to us to have this done. A "D-I-Y kit" is not available. (See FAQ Page for more.)All prices in US$ and include return shippingto USA via Priority Mail. (Ordering Details)

Order now, we can also provide free fairing customized service:1. Change the bodywork color or decals color2. Add or remove logo, text or graphics3. Move the logo, text or graphics to another place

Note:There will be professional inspection before packaging to ensure product quality.The fairings are wrapped in foam and packed in shock absorber cartons with bubble wrapping paper between the cartons to ensure that customers receive the perfect fairings 1e1e36bf2d


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