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Magic Cube APK: Learn, Play, and Solve 72 Rubik Cubes on Android

The magic cube puzzle is one of the most famous, most played and most challenging computer and mobile games. Each face of a cube has a different sticker, and these stickers come in six different colors. The goal of the game is to create combinations of stickers in order to solve the puzzle.

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Play with 72 different Rubik Cubes.Learn how to solve the Cubes by watching Tutorials available in many languages!Solve the 3x3x3 Cube, the 2x2x2 Cube, Skewb, Pyraminx, Pyraminx Duo, Ivy Cube, the 2x2x3 Tower Cube and other Rubik Cubes using built-in instantaneous solvers!Discover 2500 'Pretty Patterns' - sequences of moves that result in a pretty, wild, or otherwise interesting pattern (be sure to check out the spectacular 'I Love U' 5x5x5 Rubik pattern!)Measure up against other cubers on the High Scores list!

The smart Rubik's Cube doesn't need any special accessories. So we only get the product itself in the package. The smart feature lies in the sensors and the wireless connection that allows us to connect the cube with the product software to our mobile phone.

You can use the Mi smart Magic Cube application to connect it to your phone using the 3D help. The application is already able to track in real time where the axes of the cube are being rotated. And thanks to this, if we get stuck, we can also ask the app for help on what are the steps that lead us to the goal and reassemble the colors of Rubik.

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Thanks to the 3D app, if we live using the app so we can lay out the right pages, we can calculate how many steps it takes to do it all. To do this, it also gives you a visual guide to where to translate specific pages. If we make a mistake, we need to do one more step. Of course, not only can it be used for practice, but we can even compete for time thanks to the stopwatch of the phone app.According to the manufacturer's data, due to the low energy consumption, if we use 1 hour every day, it is still able to eat for 1 full year with a piece of battery, which can be replaced by snapping the cube apart.

com.Kofiro.Magicube.rubiks.cube.solver is the android app named Magicube: Magic Cube Puzzle 3D . Download Magicube: Magic Cube Puzzle 3D - Package Name: com.Kofiro.Magicube.rubiks.cube.solver. Click here to download.

Save hours of frustration with the easiest method to solve a cube by downloading the 21Moves app. Use the app to scan a 3D model of your Rubik's cube to your iPhone or iPad with step-by-step visual instructions to solve it.

It's odrb. I ordered the same cube on 24.10.2019, it should have been sent on 2.11.2019 and today, 12.11.2019 it has not been sent yet. My status is back order and I have the option to request a refund. I don't understand why they offer new coupons when they are not able to satisfy old orders.

You will be able to solve different types of cubes from 2x2x2 up to 8x8x8. Therefore, you will see blocks of different sizes and you can solve them. You can freely rotate the cube and solve it by touching the screen. You can also set a timer while solving it!

Twisty Timer is a kind of Pro Timer app which not just offers timer but also lap times, best score, and average score. You can find different timer options for different sections like OLL and PLL. You can also create categories to maintain multiple timers for multiple techniques. Twisty Timer also works with different cubes like 7*7, pyramid, Megaminx, Clock, etc. You can also get a detailed view of your performance in graphs.

CubeX, on the other hand, is also kind of an Asolver app. But it shows you multiple options with multiple moves. It also shows you the formula for how it solved the cube. The best part is, there is also a pattern solve option, so you can convert the cube to different patterns and designs instead of just a solved state.

Magic Cube solver is your cube solving partner for iOS. Just like the previous 2 apps, you just need to show the cube and Magic Cube Solver solves it in less than 22 steps or less. This app also provides small guides on how to solve the cube and how it performed the actions to solve it. However, Magic Cube Solver only supports 2*2, 3*3, 4*4 and void cube.

Go Cube is a 3*3 physical cube that any cuber can dream of. It can connect with your phone with a Go Cube app and tracks the cube movement. It has a timer which stops instantly when you solve the cube. You can also check statistics for every stage of solving the cube and improve where you are lacking behind. If you have a friend with a Go Cube, you both can compete with each other lively online. Or you can even compete with anyone who owns a GoCube called Gocube Community.


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