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Cast Validity Documents In Marathi Pdf Filesl |WORK|

If you belong to any of the three communities defined by the government of India as a backward class, then it is mandatory to have a caste certificate. A caste certificate can help you avail all the benefits that the government provides to members of the backward classes. However, there will always be a possibility that someone will produce a fake certificate to enjoy these advantages. In order to tackle this the government has introduced the caste validity certificate. It will terminate such fraudulent practices. This article explains all the steps involved in obtaining your caste validity certificate.

Cast Validity Documents In Marathi Pdf Filesl

Every student who wants to secure admission into governmental institutions must have a caste validity certificate. Failure in procuring one will not give them the benefit of reservation. However, the process is a little complex. The new rule states that all the students interested in the scheme must apply directly to the Caste Verification Committee on or before 31 March.

Having already mentioned how valuable a caste certificate is, it is important to note that you can only enjoy reservation benefits if you can prove that your certificate is genuine. It is only possible to verify the validity of your caste certificate by procuring one.



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