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Apple Remote Desktop For Yosemite

Quit ARD if running, and go to [your home]/Library/Containers. Move the folder to your desktop and see if ARD Admin still has startup issues. If it starts working properly you can trash the folder. Note this will reset ARD and lose any custom UNIX commands you may have set up, back those commands up first before trashing the folder permanently.

Apple Remote Desktop For Yosemite

I have a MacBook Air with Yosemite. I'm able to get to my remote desktop but when I click the icon it prompts me to a launch.ica file to be opened with Citrix app. However, when prompted to open the file by selecting an application, it does not allow Citrix as a good application. Any suggestions? Apologize for my novice in writing the question. Thanks.

Hi there. There have been other posts in here about remote desktop in yosemite having problems. I don't know if this can be a solution for you , but I found a download of what is suppose to be the newest v of citrix. -receiver/mac.html

A Remote Desktop Gateway (RD Gateway) lets you connect to a remote computer on a corporate network from anywhere on the Internet. You can create and manage your gateways in the preferences of the app or while setting up a new desktop connection.

All the remote desktop apps reviewed here are suitable for connecting from Mac to Mac as well as Mac to PC or from mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone and Android to Mac.

LogMeIn for Mac offers specific tools for individuals, small businesses, IT professionals and help desk technicians and is the best on the market when it comes to enterprise remote desktop support.

For those new to remote desktop connections, it guides you clearly through the setup process. You can store connection profiles via iCloud backup and even access printers from your remote Mac using Remotix.

If you have any suggestions for other remote desktop software for Mac that should be included in this article, or have any experiences or questions with the Mac remote apps reviewed here, let us know in the comments below.

Always stay connected to your Mac computers, no matter where you are. Splashtop remote desktop software gives you the ability to remotely control your Mac computer from any other computer, tablet, or mobile device.

No more being limited to using your Macs in person, and no more needing a separate remote desktop tool for your Macs. With Splashtop, you can control your remote computer, including MacBooks and iMacs, as if you were sitting in front of it.

Schools and colleges can leverage remote desktop access to enhance distance learning. With remote lab access, students can take advantage of the computing resources offered in school Mac computer labs while learning remotely. Learn more about remote desktop for distance learning.

Yosemite also supports the Family Sharing feature introduced with iOS 8.1 that lets up to six people, each with a separate iCloud account, share apps and iTunes downloads. One of the best new things about iCloud is that Drive and Photos are now available in any Web browser by logging into Yet another iCloud capability, Back to My Mac, which lets you pull files off a remote desktop or engage in screen-sharing, has been fixed in the 10.10.1 update after some initial snags.

Displays have separate spacesIf you are running Mac OS X 10.9 and disabled Displays have separate spaces in Mavericks (System Preferences > Mission Control), you need to configure this setting in the remote desktop client using the same option. 350c69d7ab


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