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Mature Anal Pleasures ((EXCLUSIVE))

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mature anal pleasures

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This study reports on the practice and the pleasure and danger perceptions of protected and unprotected anal sex of young adult gay men (

Anal play can also be psychologically arousing. Because anal sex for women is still somewhat of a societal taboo, the thought of breaking that taboo provides excitement for many. Then there is the dynamic of dominance and submission. The idea of giving over all parts of their body to a partner can be a huge mental turn on. Still, other women like to play anally and vaginally at the same time because they imagine being penetrated by more than one person (and many enjoy the actual experience too).

Since the anus is full of mucous membranes and much more likely to tear than the vagina, the risk of HIV transmission through anal sex for women is higher. There are two ways to protect yourself against HIV transmission via both anal and vaginal sex:

Another aspect of anal pleasure and health is to make sure the anus is fully warmed up before engaging in any kind of penetration. This means using lube to massage the opening of the anus until it is relaxed. Warm up prevents tearing and infection.

Finally, make sure that anything you are inserting into the anus has been thoroughly cleaned or sterilized. Any sex toy you purchase includes safe cleaning instructions which you should follow before and after use. Make sure to also wash your hands and penis thoroughly before engaging in anal sex with a woman.

For some people (both men and women), anal sex is one of their deepest desires. Yet it is also an incredibly delicate topic. If you want to talk to your partner about having anal sex and are worried about how they might react, it can be helpful to discuss it in the presence of a sex coach. A sex coach can alleviate fears and misconceptions as well as talk you through all of the different options for anal play.

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At such an age, pornographic games on computers--and even the first group sex games--might have been experienced as naughty pleasures. Having kept one set of secrets from their parents, might it have been hard for the few boys chosen for deeper mischief to talk when things really got out of hand? And when the worst came out, could it have been less shameful for the children--and more understandable to their parents--if the kids exaggerated the violence?

Abused respondents in the NORC study had more anal sex, more varieties of sex, more homosexual and bisexual sex, and more sexual partners. They were also significantly more likely to report pain during sex, emotional problems that interfered with sex, difficulties with erection or orgasm, and other life problems. 041b061a72


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