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Adobe After Effects CC 2017 14.2.1

Adobe After Effects CC 2017 14.2.1: A Comprehensive Guide to the Latest Features and Updates

Adobe After Effects CC 2017 14.2.1 is the latest version of the popular software for creating stunning visual effects and motion graphics for video and web projects. This update includes significant performance enhancements, bug fixes, and new tools and effects that will help you create amazing animations and videos. In this article, we will review some of the key features and updates in Adobe After Effects CC 2017 14.2.1 and show you how to use them in your projects.

Adobe After Effects CC 2017 14.2.1

Faster Motion Graphics Templates and Illustrator File Import

One of the major improvements in Adobe After Effects CC 2017 14.2.1 is the faster rendering of Motion Graphics templates and Illustrator files. Motion Graphics templates are pre-made compositions that you can customize and use in your projects, or share with other users via Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries or Adobe Stock. You can also create your own Motion Graphics templates using Essential Graphics panel in After Effects or Premiere Pro. In this update, Motion Graphics templates now render up to 4x faster, depending on the composition. This means you can work more efficiently and preview your changes more quickly.

Another improvement is the faster import of Illustrator or PDF files, especially for files with many layers or a large number of vectors to parse. Importing these files is now 3-4x faster than before. This means you can save time and avoid frustration when working with complex vector graphics in your projects.

New Tools and Effects

Adobe After Effects CC 2017 14.2.1 also introduces some new tools and effects that will enhance your creativity and productivity. Here are some of them:

  • Camera-Shake Deblur Effect: This effect helps you reduce motion blur caused by camera shake in your footage. It analyzes the motion vectors of your footage and applies a smart deblurring algorithm to sharpen the image. You can adjust the amount of deblurring, the sensitivity, and the noise reduction parameters to get the best results. This effect can be useful for stabilizing handheld shots, enhancing action scenes, or improving low-light footage.

  • Lumetri Scopes Panel: This panel provides you with various scopes that help you monitor and adjust the color and exposure of your footage. You can choose from waveform, vectorscope, histogram, RGB parade, and YUV parade scopes, and customize their appearance and settings. This panel can help you achieve accurate color grading, correct exposure problems, or match colors between different shots.

  • Text Rendering Optimization: Text rendering has been optimized in this update, resulting in faster performance and smoother animations for text layers. This means you can create more complex text animations with less lag and stuttering.

Bug Fixes

Adobe After Effects CC 2017 14.2.1 also fixes several key issues that were reported by users or found by Adobe Quality Engineering team. Some of these issues are:

  • The Cached preview needs 2 or more frames to play back memory allocation errors, caused by an incorrect estimate of free memory when After Effects attempted to render or preview frames. These fixes should also enable you to preview longer stretches of your timeline.

  • The buttons in ScriptUI panels have been reverted to the rectangular appearance seen in After Effects 14.1 and previous releases. This fixes some compatibility issues with some third-party scripts and panels.

  • The Lumetri Scopes panel no longer displays at a reduced size on Windows when HiDPI display scaling is enabled. This fixes some scaling issues with high-resolution monitors.

  • Overbright pixels in 32-bpc compositions no longer lack a color cast, when appropriate, if the Hardware Accelerate Composition, Layer, and Footage Panels preference is enabled. This fixes some color accuracy issues with high-dynamic-range footage.

Opening a project that contains a missing JPEG sequence footage now reports the missing sequence correctly instead of file cannot be imported this ??? file is damaged or c481cea774


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