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Vag Tacho 3.01 Driver Download

Enable connecting the Vag-Tacho USB devices to personal computers by incorporating and updating relevant drivers. The utility scans the system and identifies connected OBD in the diagnostic socket. It then downloads relevant files and ensures access for data transfer.

vag tacho 3.01 driver download

Download File:

Got my vag tacho 3.0 cable on Saturday afternoon; spent a ton of time on research and trying to get the cable (usb to iso/usb to serial) drivers to work with windows 7 (took almost all night) and today, I got them to work in Windows 8. I was able to successfully. If you want to program the immo, you need both VC-S and vagtacho. Vagtacho will get the skc for the key, vcds will allow you to match the key.

After spending all afternoon and into the evening working with Vagtacho; I was able to accomplish some things, that I needed to do. 1. got it to run on Windows 8:Getting a driver; that works on your system, is trial and error, so try different versions until you find one that is compatible with your particular setup (e.g.: windows version, 32/64 bit etc.). The drivers on the disk that came with the cable; would work with XP but my laptop is windows 8. Sites, all over the web; say that it is more stable and XP for the 3.01 version of cable. a: you need to download drivers from FTDI website (they are the makers of the chipset in the cable). I am running a 64 bit version of Windows 8; latest driver didn't work but I found a older version 2.08.28 to work (CDM 2.08.28 WHQL Certified): look at their website page at the bottom, under "no longer supported": b: When running vagtacho, it requires you to turn off windows defender and any virus software; otherwise, it will treat the app as a virus, remove it from your computer. So, when I turned it back on; WF removed it and this required me to re-install Vagtacho and the driver, every time I wanted to use it again. 2. pulled skc/pin out of both clusters: you need both to do the cluster swap and programming/matching in VC-S.


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