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Ah Boys To Men Part 2

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After two weeks of training, Ken and the other recruits are allowed to book out for the first time.[b] A lavish party is thrown by his family to celebrate Ken's return, but his mood is ruined when he is shown a photo of his girlfriend with another man. Ken angrily confronts her and demands that they meet, which she does not initially agree to. She later admits that she has fallen for another man and dumps Ken at a highway. Determined to regain her love, Ken devises a plan to escape from Pulau Tekong as he feels that she is merely testing him. Whilst undergoing military exercises in hot weather, Ken stops drinking water in an attempt to force a heat injury, for which he would be sent home for ten days; he takes the extra measure of sleeping under a ceiling fan after dousing himself in cold water. His condition rapidly deteriorates and he is hospitalised after collapsing during training. Ken's father is alerted of his son's critical condition while in a company meeting. He quickly drives off to the hospital, but the sheer shock and strain causes him to have a stroke while driving and violently collide with another vehicle.

Ken wakes up in a hospital, surrounded by his two sisters. He realises that his foolish actions have caused problems for many people and cannot bear to face his father, who has survived the car crash and is recuperating in another ward in the same hospital. Awakened to reality, Ken is finally fit enough to go back to training. The film ends at this junction, and snippets of the next part are shown.

The main theme of Ah Boys to Men is conscription in Singapore, a popular topic amongst Singaporeans.[25] In conjunction with the Ministry of Defence's 2012 NS45 campaign, From Fathers to Sons,[26] it is meant to commemorate the 45th anniversary of Singapore's National Service.[27] Emotional issues that recruits experience for a long period of time, such as not being able to be that in touch with relatives are tackled in part one.[28] It also pokes fun into many infamous incidents related to the Singapore Army by parodying these events.[1] Derek Elley of Film Business Asia claims that the driving factor of Ah Boys to Men, National Service, is just a metaphor for the strict life in Singapore.[1] The second part focuses more on the unity of the protagonists,[29] as well as tapping more on hot social topics like foreign talent in Singapore.[30] It gave "a stronger story than its predecessor",[31] and had a "more meaty" drama aspect,[32] according to Jack Neo. Other themes for part two include "[...] sacrifice, love, family and patriotism".[33]

Research for the film alone took around two and a half months.[39] Neo said the decision to break the film into two parts was made after the distributors told him to keep the films 100 minutes in length, as any longer and it would have been more expensive and difficult to schedule.[27]

As part of preparation for the film, the cast members underwent a two-day Basic Military Training familiarisation course,[56] which was, to one of the stars, Tosh Zhang, "as tough as what we really went through during national service."[57] Filming took place mostly in Pulau Tekong (which is used exclusively as a training base for various Singapore Army units and home to the Basic Military Training Centre), making Ah Boys to Men the first film to have filmed there.[58] The "unpredictable" weather was a problem the crew encountered while filming at Tekong;[59] 35 days were spent filming there.[60] Other filming locations included Robinson Road, which was used for a major war scene and specially sealed off to the public for a day on August 19, 2012[61] so as to allow the crew to film;[60] it was the first time it was closed for such reason.[61] Neo was warned beforehand that destruction of the road incur fines.[62]

Ah Boys to Men is the first two-part Singaporean film.[13][58] Ah Boys to Men premiered on November 6, 2012[71] at the Golden Village Multiplex.[68] It was first commercially released


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