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Sorare Data: The Ultimate Resource for Football Fans and Fantasy Players

How you choose to interpret this data is up to you. Was it a bad run of form or is there an underlying weakness in a certain position? Using multiple sources for research is key to succeeding on Sorare. Although the Team Rankings feature can be a great starting point, especially when competing in new regions and ones which may not have every club licensed. Sorare Data gathers statistics even on unlicensed clubs in leagues such as the Turkish Superlig and CSL.

sorare data


Sorare Data is a Free Resource which can be accessed by anyone. Simply navigate to and register for your account. Here, you can actually link your Sorare account, which makes the data stretch a little further and gives you more analysis tools.

I really enjoy this screen, you can see the data for everything. At the top of the page, you can see an easy view of what games he is next involved in. It will also predict an average score, which is pretty impressive.

Sorare cards are used to build line-ups of 5 players and compete in fantasy leagues that take place twice a week. Thousands of virtual teams compete based on statistical performance of the selected players in actual games. Sorare has partnered with Opta Sports, a leading data-provider, to build its own scoring system. Each card scores between 0 to 100 points, which is then multiplied by a bonus factor.

Thanks for reading this post. We did our best to write an extensive deep-dive on Sorare. If you have any questions or if you have a different view on the bull/bear case for Sorare, please do ping us on Twitter (Justin / Alex). Thanks to Thomas, Boris, Julia for their insights and precious feedback, Andrew and the whole SorareData team for their help in the data gathering.

The data we have on police misconduct is, admittedly, far from perfect. There is no national system for reporting police misconduct, and state agencies are often reluctant to release any details about investigations into police wrongdoing.

At the top you enter the basic data such as position, league, age, starter, etc.. Further down you can go into detail and filter the performances and starting percentages more precisely. As a rule, you should do this, but you should also know in advance exactly what you are looking for.

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Great news for NBA and NFT fans: as announced a few weeks ago, Sorare has made official its partnership with the National Basketball Association and the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA), and perhaps thanks in part to this new collaboration, the data disclosed by the platform is growing.

While the European Commission has proposed a bill that could require employers in the EU to share salary data with candidates, progress has been slow. The US is taking more steps towards pay transparency. Currently, 17 states have to post salary ranges for every job advertised, and companies such as Netflix and Whole Foods have hopped on the trend.

"It's a lot harder when you're trying to break into a new industry or you're new to the labor market, you find yourself not having confidants, people to reach out to who you can ask an awkward question, which is: 'How much money do you make?'" said Katie Rovelstad, European operations chief at compensation software startup Pave, adding that lack of data necessarily penalizes those starting out.

Any company that hires foreign talent on specialist visas to the US must disclose compensation data. Insider has analyzed some of this data that is available on Europe's biggest private tech firms with US operations.

There are caveats: The data, which ranges from 2019 to 2022, only reflect base salary and doesn't include sign-on or other bonuses and awards. The salaries are also likely higher than what European firms might pay domestic talent.

Cofounder Alexander Rinke built Celonis as a means to make consulting more data-driven, but it gained little traction outside of Europe until 2016, when it opened its second HQ in New York, according to Forbes. The firm is now valued at $13 billion, making it Germany's most valuable private company.

Per Pitchbook data, it boasts a mammoth valuation of $40 billion, having raised $1.83 billion from the likes of Tiger Global, Coatue, and Blossom Capital since its launch in 2009. It's now Europe's most valuable fintech.

The firm, valued at $1 billion in 2019, employs staff across Bangalore, India as well as Europe. The startup opened a New York office in 2019 and, according to publicly available data, was hiring at least foreign staffer a year later.

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Podivinsky, Jan and Stewart, Geoff (2003) Why are labour-managed firms so rare? An analysis of entry using UK panel data (The Discussion Papers in Economics and Econometrics, 402) University of Southampton

Why are labour-managed firms so rare in market economies? We address this question by analysing the determinants of entry. A negative binomial random effects model is used to examine a panel of UK entry data. Our main finding is a significant negative relationship between entry counts and both the capital-labour ratio and the variance of profits. This is consistent with long-standing theoretical arguments that labour-managed firms face problems in raising capital and spreading risk

We present updated results from the CLEO collaboration from two studies of B meson decay to charmless hadronic final states. In the first analysis, we combine data from the CLEO II and CLEO III detectors to provide final measurements of thirteen two-body decay modes. In the second, the combined CLEO II and CLEO II.V data set is used to determine the η ' momentum spectrum and branching ratio in the inclusive process B-> η ' Xnc; with a more powerful analysis technique than was previously used. For the momentum range 2.0

That's exactly what a team of U.S. and South Korean researchers, led by Dr. Young Shin Kim at Yale School of Medicine, did in a six-year research project--with startling results. The researchers sought to screen every child age 7 to 12 in the Ilsan district of Goyang, South Korea. In their sample of 55,266 children, scientists found that the rate of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) was 2.64%. That's one case for every 38 kids, a rate much higher than the 1-in-110 estimate in the U.S. While those numbers sound scary, the results don't mean there has been a sudden spike in autism. Rather, they simply reflect a more comprehensive collection of data. "These children didn't just show up overnight," Kim says. "They have been there all along. We just didn't count them."

Yet there has been little regulation of the one piece of equipment meant to protect a player from concussion: the football helmet. Thanks to researchers at Virginia Tech, however, that's beginning to change. A team of engineers put together a system to rate football helmets on their ability to reduce the risk of concussion. The scores--from zero to five stars--are based on eight years of data and the analysis of more than 1 million measured helmet impacts.

In this study, Dr. John Stillion conducts a historical analysis of air-to-air combat, drawing on a database of over 1,450 air-to-air victories from multiple conflicts from 1965 to the present. Using this data, Stillion assesses how advances in sensor, weapons, and communication technologies have changed air combat and the implications of these trends for future combat aircraft designs and operational concepts.

As the Affiliate Marketing Manager, you will be responsible for leading multiple projects from inception to completion in support of our global affiliate program. You will source and recruit new partners, support and optimize existing partners, analyze performance data and prevent fraud.The program is less than one year old, there are many aspects of the program to define, iterate and improve, to make sure that Sorare has the most attractive program at the the intersection of NFT, Gaming and Sports industry. You will play a crucial role in making sure this acquisition channel grows, whilst protecting the brand value of Sorare.


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