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EP Hamesha Episode 8 Pepsi Battle Of The Bands Season 2

Pepsi Battle of the Bands: Season 1 aired in July 2002 on PTV Home.[3] The inaugural season was directed by Ahsan Rahim and Amena Khan, and produced by Nofil Naqvi. The winners were Aaroh,[4] who beat runners up Entity Paradigm by a narrow margin.[5] It also launched the success of many other bands who took part in the show, particularly Mekaal Hasan Band (which came in third) and Mizmaar.[6][7] 170 applications were sent to the show's website out of which 70 were registered. The top 20 were selected on the basis of vocals, music and arrangements which was then narrowed down to the top 10.

EP Hamesha Episode 8 Pepsi Battle of the Bands Season 2


The theme of the episode was favorite song. Each band had to perform their favourite song in front of the judges and the live studio audience. The episode started with Atif Aslam performing his new song titled "Yaad Tehari". The bands performed in the following order:[16]

The knockout round continued with top 6. The episode started with musician Sara Haider performing her new song "Zindagi". The theme of this episode was that the each band had to perform an original song in front of the judges and the live studio audience. The bands performed in the following order:[17]

Season 2 has mostly received positive reviews. Maheen Sabeeh of The News said, "Whether the show manages to accomplish its mission statement to the letter remains to be seen but, having spoken to almost all major players in the production, it can be said with certainty that it has just the right motivation behind it and that matters more than we care to admit."[18] The Nation wrote, "With such an eclectic mix of sounds and energies, right from the get go - we are rooted to our televisions, waiting with bated breath till the second episode of the inevitably and justifiably iconic, biggest music battle in the country; Pepsi Battle of the Bands."[14] Vafa Batool of Pakistan Today wrote "The first episode showed how the judges focused on grossly distinct aspects of the performances. Fawad Khan preferred to acknowledge the raw live energy on stage while Meesha Shafi's focus remained largely on vocal quality. Farooq Ahmed offered technical help to the bands as a well-nuanced musician who was more concerned about improving the sounds further."[19] Dawn wrote "Looks like we're in for a great show"[20]

The Pakistani television series Pepsi Battle of the Bands is unarguably the biggest music competition in the country right now, where a diverse range of bands from different parts of the country perform and compete against one another. With the second season of the show released 15 years after the first and managing to take Pakistan by storm with energetic and crowd-pulling performances, expectations for Season 3 are much higher. Season 3 is off to a strong start so far, but will the upcoming episodes continue to impress the viewers as well ?

The first season was won by the band Aaroh, which managed to beat runner-up Entity Paradigm (EP) by a small margin. Both bands achieved mainstream success thanks to the show. Other bands that competed such as Mekaal Hasan Band and Mizmaar also found mainstream success.

Apart from that, the second season featured a diverse range of bands not just in the Top 8 list but in the auditions stage as well, such as Roots, Jasim Haider and The Pindi Boys, Madlock, Darvesh, Aura, Shajr, E-Sharp, Sikandar Ka Mandar and Khamaaj, to name a few.

The first issue is that only Top 8 bands make it through the next round. Considering the fact that many bands participated this year and more and more bands will audition in the next season, the top eight should be doubled to top 16.

The third concern is that while it is valid for the judges to shortlist bands for the top eight, when it comes to the Top 8 round the power of voting should be in the hands of the viewers, which might make the show more interesting and challenging. The judges should only focus on providing comments when it reaches that point. In the previous season, the viewers were only able to vote for the winner but had no authority in voting during the Top 8 round. 041b061a72


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